Outreach for Early Diagnosis

The World Health Organization recommends systematic screening for active TB in high risk subpopulations that have poor access to health care.

E-DETECT TB’s ultimate objective is to improve early diagnosis in these populations.

Romania and Bulgaria are countries in transition from high to intermediate incidence and are experiencing high TB rates among certain subpopulations.

The E-DETECT TB project partners built a mobile diagnostic unit, equipped with digital radiography, computer aided detection and molecular point of care tests.

The truck was operated by specially-trained team who exchanged their knowledge and experiences with counterparts from similar initiatives in the Netherlands and the UK.

Main objectives

  • To ensure early diagnosis in vulnerable populations (prisoners, drug users, homeless persons and Roma population) in Romania and to pilot the screening for 1 week in Bulgaria.
  • To strengthen care integration using an outreach strategy by providing a one-stop “shop” (clinic).


We held a webinar in October 2019, looking at on our outreach for early diagnosis work.  Participants heard short talks from the E-DETECT team and had the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

The programme was as follows:

  • Introduction by webinar chair: Gerard de Vries
  • TB screening among homeless persons and illicit drug-users: the Rotterdam experience: Rob van Hest
  • The Find and Treat outreach service in London; an evaluation: Ibrahim Abubakar
  • Changing the approach from passive case finding for TB to active case finding: Beatrice Mahler-Boca & Ana-Maria Duca
  • Clinical aspects of E-DETECT TB confirmed cases: Dan Gainaru
  • Question time

Watch our ERS webinar about active case finding

Printable factsheets

Download a factsheet about Outreach for Early Diagnosis in English
Download a factsheet about Outreach for Early Diagnosis in Romanian (“Depistare activă”)


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