Romanian team visits London’s Find&Treat

In late August, London’s Find&Treat team hosted a group of five visitors from Romania for a four-day field trip.

The Romanian delegation consisted of representatives from Bucharest’s Marius Nasta Institute and its NGO partner, ARAS, which specialises in working with IDUs.

The Romanian and British teams have been brought together, along with Bulgarian partner HSPC and Dutch specialists from KNCV and DELFT, to collaborate on E-DETECT TB’s outreach for early diagnosis work package. The work package team is preparing to launch its custom-made mobile unit, equipped with x-ray machinery, computer-aided diagnostics and molecular tests, to detect tuberculosis in hard-to-reach communities in Romania. The experience gained by the Romanian team in TB screening with the use of the Mobile Health Unit will be shared with HSPC during a one week piloting activity.

During their visit, the Romanian team was shown around various sites and met organisations who work closely with Find&Treat, such as Olallo House (a hostel with a transitional care unit for TB patients), the Whitechapel Mission, the Margarete Centre and the Upper Room at St Saviour’s Church (which has close links with Romania).  The groups shared their experiences and different methods of ensuring that the vulnerable people that they serve can access screening and treatments, including innovations such as Video Observed Therapy.

The groups found the field visit to be a very worthwhile exercise and plan a return visit in Bucharest soon.  Click here to read short – but insightful! – reports written by two of the Romanian delegates about their trip.

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