Supporting National TB Programmes

The aim of this work package is to support the development of action plans in EU/EEA member states by surveying tuberculosis control plans and strategies, and reviewing evidence for actions to control and prevent TB.

Information from the survey and reviews were used to inform an expert meeting and develop a TB strategy toolkit.

Main objectives

  • Gather information from national TB programme leaders across the EU/EEA regarding:
    • availability, implementation and content of national TB control plans
    • prioritisation of action areas and barriers to the implementation of interventions
  • Conduct systematic reviews of:
    • the evidence base for interventions to control and prevent TB
    • barriers and facilitators to TB control strategies in EU/EEA countries
  • Hold a meeting of national TB programme leads and other TB experts to:
    • prioritise the summarised evidence within the context of EU/EEA countries
    • arrive at a consensus regarding best approaches to TB control & prevention
  • Develop a toolkit to aid national TB plan development and implementation based on:
    • evidence
    • expert views
    • experience in EU/EEA countries.

TB Strategy Toolkit

In June 2019, the E-DETECT TB team published our TB Strategy Toolkit which is freely available to all.

It aims to assist national TB plan development or refinement by providing up-to-date guidance on core components of a TB Action Plan or Strategy by bringing together the latest EU/EEA-focused evidence and expert opinion.

You can download the electronic version of the full TB Strategy toolkit here.

We have also produced a one-page introductory document about the toolkit. This document is available in all 24 official EU languages and these can be accessed on our Toolkit page. (The English version is also available below for illustration purposes.)

Printable factsheet

Download a factsheet about Supporting National TB Control Programmes (in English)


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