Civil society engagement in Bulgaria

The E-DETECT TB project was introduced to Bulgarian tuberculosis activists and NGOs at a recent workshop in Sofia.

The event, organised by the TB Europe Coalition (TBEC), gathered various groups with the aim of building and strengthening coordination amongst TB interested civil society organisations and activists ahead of the withdrawal of the Global Fund from the country.

E-DETECT TB was represented by Dr Dan Gainaru of the Marius Nasta Institute.  Dr Gainaru, a pulmonologist, is part of our team in Romania and spoke with the workshop attendees about his experiences so far and the overall objectives of the project.

With plans underway for the E-DETECT mobile TB screening unit to travel to Bulgaria for a one-week pilot later this year, the event was a great opportunity to meet interested parties from all over the country and talk about our shared goals.

You can read more about the workshop, which took place in Sofia on 14th and 15th February, TBEC website.

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