Many low-incidence EU countries have a high TB burden in migrants from endemic countries. Migrant TB screening policies vary widely across EU countries.

This work package is establishing a multi-country database on migrant TB screening that will be used to inform the identification and harmonisation of cost-effective screening strategies in the EU.

Main objectives

  • To agree a protocol for sharing migrant data between countries on latent and active TB.
  • To establish a database on latent and active TB in screened migrants.
  • To collate multi-country data on migrants in low incidence countries in Europe aimed at informing early diagnosis of active and latent TB.


We held an ERS webinar in November 2018 on the subject of about building a European migrant TB screening database. Participants heard short talks from the E-DETECT team and had the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

The programme was as follows:

  • Rationale, aim and process of setting up a multi-country migrant TB screening database: Knut Lönnroth
  • Examples of data on cascade of LTBI screening and management from England, Netherlands and Sweden:
    • England: Dominik Zenner
    • Netherlands: Ineke Spruijt
    • Sweden: Joanna Nederby-Öhd
  • Data sharing principles, database operations and examples of preliminary cross-country analyses: Dee Menezes
  • Q&A

Watch our ERS webinar about building a European migrant TB database

Printable factsheet

Download a factsheet about Establishing a Database on Migrant TB Screening in Europe (in English)


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