Multi-language info sheets spread the word about our TB Strategy Toolkit

The European TB Strategy Toolkit is available along with multiple language information sheets.

The TB Strategy Toolkit is a unique and free resource, accessible to everyone, with the aim of assisting national TB plan development or refinement by providing up-to-date guidance on core components of a TB Action Plan or Strategy by bringing together the latest EU/EEA-focused evidence and expert opinion.

The Toolkit, and the concept and methods that informed its creation, were presented by Public Health England’s Fatima Wurie at the 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health last week.

The E-DETECT TB team has also just released handy one-page information sheets, in all 24 official EU languages, about our TB Strategy Toolkit.

These user-friendly sheets provide an introduction to the Toolkit, explaining why we’ve created it, the collaborative process behind its design and content, and what the Toolkit can offer to health officials and advocates alike.

Please visit our website’s TB Strategy Toolkit page to learn more and to download your copy!