Join our webinar on 8th November

Our team of experts who are building a European migrant TB screening database are holding a webinar at 1500-1600 (CET) on Thursday, 8th November.

This webinar is the second in our series and follows last November’s presentation on TB detection, prevention and treatment in immigrants.

This time, the database lead, Prof Knut Lönnroth of the Karolinska Institutet, will be chairing. The hour-long programme will feature short talks from partners who have been contributing to the project as well as initial findings from the database, both country-level and overall.

Other topics to be discussed will include the challenges faced with sourcing and transferring data and ways the team has resolved them, as well as technical aspects of building the system. Viewers will have the chance to interact and put questions to the speakers.

The webinar will be hosted by the European Respiratory Society on their website at

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Rationale, aim and process of setting up a multi-country migrant TB screening database
    Knut Lönnroth
  2. Examples of data on cascade of LTBI screening and management from England, Netherlands and Sweden:
    England: Dominik Zenner
    Netherlands: Ineke Spruijt
    Sweden: Joanna Nederby-Öhd
  3. Data sharing principles, database operations and examples of preliminary cross-country analyses
    Dee Menezes
  4. Q&A


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