Deliverables will be made available for download as they get delivered.

No. Title Delivery date
D1.1 MoU with ECDC August 2016
D2.1 Project leaflet [Download pdf]
D2.2 Website [Download pdf]
D5.1 Temporary migrant screening set up [Download pdf]
D2.3 Dissemination plan [Download pdf]
D2.4 Policy brief-early diagnosis and case holding of TB [Download pdf]
D3.1 External evaluation plan for the project [Download pdf]
D5.2 Settled migrants screening set up [Download pdf]
D6.2 Protocol for data transfer agreed [Download pdf]
D2.6 Training and peer-learning events [Download pdf]
D7.1 Survey of national TB control plans/policy [Download pdf]
D7.2 Policy review of action plans for TB [Download pdf]
D5.3 Temporary migrant screening completed and available for analysis [Download pdf]
D7.3 Expert meeting to develop a framework for TB action plans [Download pdf]
D2.5 Project video-early diagnosis [Download pdf]
D3.2 Outreach screening evaluation in Romania [Download pdf]
D3.3 Migrant screening evaluation in Italy [Download pdf]
D4.1 Feasibility screening in Bulgaria [Download pdf]
D5.4 Asylum seekers screening completed and available for analysis [Download pdf]
D6.5 Data analysis report on latent TB in Europe, mobile x-ray and migrant screening [Download pdf]
D7.4 Prioritisation Document on TB action plans and toolkit production [Download pdf]
D2.7 Final dissemination report [Download pdf]
D2.8 Layman version of the final report January 2019