Deliverables will be made available for download as they get delivered.

No. Title Delivery date
D1.1 MoU with ECDC August 2016
D2.1 Project leaflet [Download pdf]
D2.2 Website [Download pdf]
D5.1 Temporary migrant screening set up [Download pdf]
D2.3 Dissemination plan [Download pdf]
D2.4 Policy brief-early diagnosis and case holding of TB [Download pdf]
D3.1 External evaluation plan for the project [Download pdf]
D5.2 Settled migrants screening set up [Download pdf]
D6.2 Protocol for data transfer agreed [Download pdf]
D2.6 Training and peer-learning events [Download pdf]
D7.1 Survey of national TB control plans/policy May 2017
D7.2 Policy review of action plans for TB May 2017
D5.3 Temporary migrant screening completed and available for analysis [Download pdf]
D7.3 Expert meeting to develop a framework for TB action plans January 2018
D2.5 Project video-early diagnosis [Download pdf]
D3.2 Outreach screening evaluation in Romania November 2018
D3.3 Migrant screening evaluation in Italy November 2018
D4.1 Feasibility screening in Bulgaria [Download pdf]
D5.4 Asylum seekers screening completed and available for analysis [Download pdf]
D6.5 Data analysis report on latent TB in Europe, mobile x-ray and migrant screening November 2018
D7.4 Prioritisation Document on TB action plans and toolkit production January 2019
D2.7 Final dissemination report January 2019
D2.8 Layman version of the final report January 2019