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UCL’s total competitively awarded research income annually stands at € 530 million, of which 10% is European funded research & innovation. UCL scientists received over 700 projects funded during the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) including over 100 European Research Council awards. UCL also receives the highest share of any UK university of the UK Government’s strategic investment fund, and has recently invested more than € 310 million into state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate cutting-edge research across a broad range of disciplines.

E-DETECT TB is a project carried by the UCL Institute for Global Health (IGH). Our unique, cross-disciplinary approach is reflected throughout our research and teaching. We work in the real world, collaborating with communities at all levels, and offering workable solutions for policy makers. The Institute for Global Health implements UCL’s Grand Challenge of Global Health, a cross disciplinary initiative to provide innovative, workable solutions to global health problems.


The Coordinator (Ibrahim Abubakar, MBBS, DPH, MSc, PhD, FFPH, FRCPE, FRCP) is the Director of UCL’s Institute for Global Health. Prior to his appointment at UCL, he was Professor in Health Protection at the Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia.

He has experience of being involved EU projects: Urban TB Group in Europe – ECDC funded, currently led by A. Story and previously led by Abubakar and de Vries, has a track record of ECDC funding to lead a project on TB HIV co-infection in Europe and contributed to another project on the effect of the economic crisis on infectious diseases in Europe. He is a clinical academic with 23 years’ experience in clinical medicine, public health service delivery, national and international programme management, infectious diseases and epidemiology. He has worked with all other consortium members at either scientific or clinical level including leaders of the following existing large networks/grants: TBPanNet (D. Cirillo, OSR) which is an EU FP7 funded consortium, ERLN-TB (D. Cirillo, OSR), new WHO led networks on latent TB and TB and migration (K. Lönnroth, KI) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS).

In his role as coordinator, he will be supported by competent and experienced team of managers consisting of a Manager at UCL’s European Research & Innovation Office, secretarial support and a Scientific Manager.

Part of the UCL team contributing to the programme of work include:

  • Dr Helen Stagg | PhD, senior post-doctoral fellow who has expertise in laboratory medicine and epidemiology.
  • Prof Andrew Hayward, MD | Leading TB epidemiologist who has expertise in inclusion health in vulnerable groups and has over the last decade developed and evaluated health interventions in this population in London. He is also based at the Farr Institute for Health Informatics and will provide the database expertise to support the project.
  • Dr Alistair Story | Consultant TB nurse specialist, has over two decades of experience with tackling TB and other infectious diseases in hard to reach groups, and set up the London Find & Treat Service.
  • Dee Menezes, MPH | Data Analyst with a background ranging from National Government Departments to charities, community health centers, homeless health service provision and research.
  • Dr Charlotte Jackson, BSc | 1st class hons, Cambridge University, PhD Epidemiology, is an infectious disease epidemiologist with expertise in analysis of data that will lead internal evaluation work programme.
  • Dr Lele Rangaka, MD | PhD, an infectious disease epidemiologist will bring clinical expertise and experience on latent TB to the work programme.
  • Dr Marc Lipman, MD | Consultant respiratory physician with over 20 years’ experience and former chair of the British Thoracic Society TB expert advisory group, member European MDR TB consortium with provide clinical expertise to the project.
  • Prof Tim McHugh | Director of the Centre for Clinical Microbiology, is an international leader in mycobacteriology who will support the laboratory elements of the programme of work.

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