Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology


Established in 1906 as “Filaret” Hospital, “Prof. Dr. Marius Nasta” Institute of Pneumology of Bucharest was the first Tuberculosis (TB) hospital in Romania, and is known nowadays as the most important medical and research institution in Pulmonology and TB.

Since 1997, “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pneumology coordinates the National Program for Tuberculosis Control (NTPR) in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

In addition to qualified health services offered in the field of pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis, and to ensure planning and coordination of methodological activities relating to the prevention and control of tuberculosis nationally, IPMN coordinates many projects with national and international scientific research.

NTPR has collective medical research dedicated to different areas in the field of respiratory medicine and tuberculosis, including the research team MDR TB.


The project team is composed of professional, young people, both in the field of medicine and project management and enthusiastic about what they are doing and about the project.

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Ana-Maria Duca
Project Coordinator