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KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the deadliest infectious disease in the world. KNCV is an international centre of expertise for TB control that promotes effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable TB control strategies in a national and international context.

We are an organisation of passionate TB professionals, including doctors, researchers, training experts, nurses and epidemiologists. We aim to stop the worldwide epidemic of TB and to prevent the further spread of drug-resistant TB.

Over the past century we have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise, initially by successfully controlling TB in the Netherlands. Since the 1970s, we have also shared our knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.

We operate from a central office in The Hague, the Netherlands, a regional office in Central Asia and country offices worldwide. KNCV is the overall lead partner in Challenge TB (CTB), the USAID-funded 5-year global programme to decrease TB mortality and morbidity in high burdened countries.



KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation will lead the early diagnosis and strengthen care integration in vulnerable populations in Romania and Bulgaria (work package 4 of the project). For this a mobile digital X-ray unit will be assembled together with computer aided detection for tuberculosis (CAD4TB®) and GeneXpert®.

We aim to screen 25,000 people in two years and detect and treat 120 TB patients. Experts from KNCV have extensive experience in Dutch TB control, in particular with the radiographic screening of at-risk populations.

KNCV Tuberculosis will contribute to the pooling of latent and active TB screening in a multi-country database (work package 6), and to strengthen national TB programmes in countries (work package 7).

KNCV experts in the project have more than a decade experience in collecting, analysing and evaluation screening activities of migrants and other risk groups, as well as with the development and execution of national strategic plans.

Furthermore, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation will participate in the dissemination of knowledge and experience gained form the E-DETECT TB project.


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Gerard de Vries, MD, MSc, PhD
Coordinator Team The Netherlands & Elimination


Photo credits: KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation