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Delft Imaging Systems is committed to developing and delivering unique health innovations that respond to the specific needs of communities around the world.

We focus on providing innovative diagnostic imaging systems and software. These include X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound, Computer Aided Detection software to detect Tuberculosis, design and build of full-service Diagnostic Centres, teleradiology solutions for transmitting medical images across mobile networks and accessible ultrasound screening devices for maternity care.

Our reliable, fully integrated solutions are used in many countries worldwide, mainly in Africa and Asia, serviced by our engineers and helpdesk.



The innovative Delft OneStopTB approach combines digital X-ray, CAD4TB software and the more expensive GeneXpert test in the TB screening process. Due to the combination of these new techniques, the OneStopTB platform is able to fight Tuberculosis in a reliable, cost-effective and very efficient manner (see video).

Applied, the platform can include a portable X-ray or can be placed in a mobile clinic, enabling the reach of areas with limited or non-existent healthcare. Together with local partners, Delft has successfully inĀ­troduced its innovative TB solutions in Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Gambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa, Libya, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.


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